Saturday, December 24, 2011

Finger Food Night 2011

A tradition in the George family is Finger Food Night.  All appetizers, hanging out in comfortable clothes and good friends.  This is our 2nd year joining the tradition and it's a blast!  The kids run around and get to stay up late.  Too late.  Almost 10pm late! Who cares, it's Christmas time!!!!

We brought real food but I wanted to make "finger food" dessert.  Grandmommy/Mary always makes white chocolate, peppermint covered marshmallows and I crave them!  So, I decided to forgo the stick she uses and just make 'em "pop in your mouth"able!  
Here are the kids helping peeling ALL the candy canes.  And eating them!! Bethany had a great idea to use the food processor to speed up smashing the canes.  BRILLIANT!!  I wanted to make peppermint dust!

My new name for them!  White chocolate covered marshmallows with peppermint dust :)

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