Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sibling Love

There are moments (and I said "moments") where the chaos, noise, parenting, refereeing and fighting stop and there is nothing but love between little people who call themselves siblings! And when that happens, it feels amazing as a parent and it can melt your heart. Today at Emerson School with Amelia, she made a pasta necklace for herself and one for her big brother. I was in the kitchen and gave her the necklace to give to him and she went outside to find him. I heard her mumble something about "pasta, necklace, for you" and he said "thank you Amelia" and she then replied "welcome". It was time to play with their necklaces on and I heard, "come on Amelia, let's go in the garage", "okay", "you wanna do that with me". I mean, it just feels good. So....I ran and grabbed my camera and he's been into putting his arm around her (he still doesn't look at the camera all the time) and she is too in love with her brother to look at the camera. Notice how she is holding his hand that's over her shoulder.

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