Saturday, May 01, 2010

"Wawa" and Poop Present Update!

Well, the wawa transition has been going well. Night 2 was a little like night #1. When it was bedtime, he said that he wasn't tired and hungry which isn't usually like him. I told him he could have a sippy cup of milk but it was bedtime. Ryan was working late so I was on my own when he came out and told me that "he wanted to go back to that house (good will) where we dropped off his wawa and wanted to get it back." I told him that we couldn't and that he had his pillow pet and blankie and he replied, "but I like my wawa better!" I felt terrible. I texted Ryan, "need backup, he's asking for his wawa." Ryan came in and went in his room with him and came out a few minutes later and said he was fine. Night #3, Ryan had the kids on his own so the report when I got home was, "he did fine." So far so good!

As for the pooping in the such luck. He told Auntie Jacqui that he would poop in the potty when he turns 5! Yikes! I am going to get VERY sick of looking at that present for a year :) Maybe we will give it to the kid who poops on the potty first and Amelia might be the one to do it.

Off to bed since we will be up bright and early for Jbird's bday party at the park!

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the gerbdrians said...

sorry about the no go on the poop in the potty. But, he's being such a champ about the "wawa". The potty will come next.