Sunday, June 01, 2014

Birthday Marathon

Well, the festivities are finally over for Amelia's 6th birthday!!  Goodness, I'm tired!
Wake up!  You're 6!

 I love the birthday sibling picture!

 Donuts for breakfast

 "Happy Birthday" sung by The Meinhardt boy band :)

We went swimming at a friend's house after school and we went to dinner at Soupplantation with Oma, Auntie Beth, our family and some of the Taylor clan.
We had the South bay peeps over Saturday night to celebrate and her birthday party this morning.  
RAINBOW theme!

I had Annie and her friend Amelia help so they gave manicures, put on face tattoos, danced and played with the girls!

Amelia wanted a "book making" station so books were made.

Happy Birthday sweet girl. Hope you enjoyed your day!  Thank you Auntie Jess for bringing the girls up for the weekend to celebrate and help pull it all together!

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the gerbdrians said...

rainbows galore! looks amazing! I want to hire you to plan all our parties :)