Sunday, October 02, 2011

Surprise Surprise

Auntie Jacqui, Jett and Benny Rose surprised us and came to visit very late Friday night!!!!  I was THRILLED!  So were the kids when they woke up Saturday morning to their COUSINS!!!! 
Jacqui took Amelia to gymnastics and I took the kids to the beach since it was the first thing Jett asked for when he woke up!  It was a BEAUTIFUL day!

The Rimando cousins were under the weather (Jett had a fever and Benny had a heat rash on Saturday) so we stayed away from our previous commitments (birthday party, baseball, etc) on Sunday!  We still had a blast!  We met Uncle Christian at the park in the morning with donuts and coffee!  
We take up the whole park so it's a good thing we were the only ones there.  This is the 2nd Sunday in a row hanging with Uncle Christian so hopefully this becomes a tradition.  Can you tell I like traditions? :)
We then headed to another park to look for frogs and ducks and threw pebbles into the stream.

We had Oma and Opa over for dinner and enjoyed lots of cousin time.  

It's funny, we miss them SOOOO much when they're away but there's a little sadness when they're here that we don't get to hang out all the time.  Jeremy and Jett play so well together doing boy things...such as racing with mini grocery carts, throwing things, wrestling, etc.  Then on the other hand, the girls are getting more interactive by the day and do cute things like play with the kitchen and play with dolls.  Mabel and Benny ask for each other if they can't find the other one.  Jett and Amelia are sweet together and you can't find one without the other.  When I was changing her into her PJs tonight she asked when Jett was coming back.  She then said, "I wish he could stay here forever!"  Makes me sad.
Caught this sweet moment!

Jeremy is so sweet with Mabel and just as sweet with Benny.  It's fun to see him adore her as well as his littlest sis!  
THANK YOU AUNTIE JACQUI for making our weekend!!!  Miss you already and you're only in the guest room :)  See you at Thanksgiving!  :( WAAAAAAAAAAA!

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