Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We miss you Grandmommy!

We tried to get a good picture of the kids before she left but the sun was in their eyes.  Cheeeeessseee!!!

Grandmommy loved it when she walked off like she was heading somewhere.  Smile grumpy face :)

Grandmommy helped us decorate for Halloween.  Notice the scary bats hanging by the front door.

We've been enjoying cooler weather the last few days and I am LOVING it.  Ryan's been on a trip so I light the fire and enjoy some mommy time!  

Some spooky Halloween decor!

Used streamers to mummify this pumpkin.  The kids love it!

We can't wait for the next week.  Lots of fun stuff coming our way including Autumn festival at J's school, Amelia's Halloween Parade, Disneyland Trick or Treat, Halloween Block Party and so much more.  Fun stuff!!!!  

So I've started a little tradition that Jbird can sleep with me when daddy travels!  He LOVES it and I actually sleep better when someone is with me :) Silly mom, maybe I like it more.  
He insists on sleeping with the light on so here he is when I went to bed.

Hint about costumes (per kids request); we fit in with our house :)

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