Monday, October 10, 2011


Ryan woke me up at 5:30 am on Friday morning, told me to pack my bags because we had a flight to catch!!!! WHAT???  I thought we were driving to Palm Springs on Friday night but now we were taking a plane to Phoenix.  Wait, what about the kids??  Um, another surprise.  He flew his mom/Mary/Grandmommy in for the weekend!  I could not have been happier!!!  SO fun.  

 We ate, hiked Camelback, ate again, laid by the pool, slept in, drank (Ryan was all about Bloody Mary's and I would always start with Cappicinos and then move to beer), shopped, walked around Scottsdale, ate and drank some more.  
 Above: me hiking down Camelback
Below: me on the top of Camelback

 Need I say more!

Thanks for the best weekend!  


...all of us said...

How great for you guys to be away together. Thank God for Grandmothers!

Nicole said...

How are you legs?

Arutunian family said...

and why weren't you sportin the bikini with that skinny body of yours!!! Don't you need to get that belly tan for hawaii??? :-)

Meinhardt Family said...

Nice work Ryan!!! Looks like an awesome trip!