Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting ready for Halloween and hanging with Grandmommy

We always carve our pumpkins too early so this year, I decided to let the kids decorate the pumpkins with face stickers now and then we will carve some closer to Halloween.  

Amelia's pumpkin had 2 faces.  I thought that was kind of funny because she is a Gemini and Ryan and I have two names for her.  Amelia when she's good and Whine-elia when she's not!

Jeremy's was a one faced goofy pumpkin!  Just like him.

Daddy was a good sport and let the kids put all the hair clips in his hair!

Time with Grandmommy!
The kids were hyper so not the best picture but they LOVE having her here.  She takes them on walks, colors with them and just enjoys hanging out.  We love you Grandmommy!


Nicole said...

Love the 2 faced pumpkin. Did Amelia explain it at all?
Auntie Cole

Nicole said...

And I think the picture with grandmommy is great!

Meinhardt Family said...

Love Ryan's hair! Mary looks great in the pic with kids. I bet they had a blast.