Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Candy pails were ready and decorated.  Everyone got glow sticks so they wrapped them around the handle and put some in the bottom so their candy was illuminated.  Smart kids!
A happy Halloween it was!  We had a blast!  We set out to "trick or treat" at 6pm ish and all the kids did awesome.  
The Meinhardt bat family!  Well, minus daddy and Amelia is the baterina.  This was per Jeremy and Amelia's request that we go as a family, including mom!

Yes, Amelia is eating an apple!

Amelia did well last year and followed up with another super fun year.  She just puts her head down, walks like she's on a mission, gets her candy and shows ryan every piece of candy on her way back.  

Amelia even braved the scary house across the street and Pat the creepy witch.

Mabel was awesome and said "trick or treat" at every door and "thank you" on her way out.  She owned the place.

 Jbird was mature about the whole thing and just went about his business barely making a peep.  I have no pictures of J "treating" because he was up ahead of me.  All came home with tons of candy.  We always set up in the front yard to pass out candy and this year, I made mexican casserole and pumpkin pie to enjoy with the George family.  

We had a fun visit with Christian, Windy and kids who decided to join us this afternoon, and some friends of the George's, as well as some other neighbors.  

We always have to yell at kids to tell them we're not at the front door so I thought of this last minute.  A little path to guide them to us.  The picture is blurry but you get the idea.  Lunch sacks with candles!  Oh, and happy, sad and funny faces in each one.
It was Jeremy's idea to put the tears.

The haunted house was going crazy across the street so the block was buzzing and it was so busy! Jeremy and Amelia decided to help with the last of the candy and were super cute passing it out.

Amelia would tell Jeremy to put the candy in the bag if it was a scary costume.  She would also ask me if they were real and if they were ghosts.  
Kids were in bed by 9 (I know, super late for us) but they had a blast and so did mom and dad!!!!!  Looking forward to a mellow weekend and NOTHING to do.


the gerbdrians said...

looks like lots of fun. I'm impressed that you even got yourself a costume. It takes all I've got to figure out what the kids are wearing - leaving no room to think about a costume for me!

The Lady of the House said...

My two favorite things about this post - 1) Amelia's face in the porch pic and 2) WilliamShamu!!!!