Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Parade at Johnny's 2011

 My "baterina" 
She's missing her bat mask because we couldn't find them after Disneyland but she still looks cute.  They of course showed up just hours after the parade and I was looking all yesterday :)

Teacher Chris invited Mabel to join along and the girls loved it.  Here they are dancing to "Shake your bones"!

Time to trick or treat!  Amelia is awesome and just walks right up.  Mabel follows behind and loves saying "trick or treat".  

Jeremy and Amelia having a sweet conversation and I am so happy I caught another moment between them.  She always asks Jeremy if "he can protect" her is she gets scared.  He always says yes.

Everyone waiting their turn to visit Teacher Chris at her door!

Happy campers!  Lollipops and treats in their bags and ready to go home.  Happy Halloween!

Amelia's new best friend Adia (A-dia).  Teacher Chris told me that there is something special between these girls.  Could they be any cuter together?!?!  The cutest part, they're the tiniest little people ever.  Watch out boys!

The kids absolutely LOVE all the stuff they get.  Cards, pencils, play-doh, stamps, stickers, etc.  Mommy could do with a little less mess :)

Another fun weekend ahead.  Carving pumpkins, block party and Halloween!  Yipppeeee!

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Jess and Jon said...

dude... I can't even deal with how cute Mabel is getting. I mean all of your kids are so adorable but can I please steal Mabel's hair?!? Looks like a fun Halloween season. Miss you!