Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Opa!

We had a busy, full Sunday!  We hit the pumpkin patch and the kids loved it! 

The kids loved the maze!

Too sunny so everyone could only open one eye!

The kids got to choose a few things to do since there was so much!  They all wanted to ride the train first!  Mommy joined!

They LOVE watching horses but NEVER want to ride them!  I don't get it!

J and A chose to visit the petting zoo with their last token and Ryan said that Mabel cried when she had to leave her new bunny friend!  She loves bunnies!
Amelia chose to ride the train again!

We then left the pumpkin patch and went to a local nursery to pick out pumpkins since they were half the price and they wanted BIG ones.  Amelia chose a white one and J and A chose orange.  It wouldn't be an outing without a meltdown and today (like most days) it came from Amelia!  I tried to get a shot of her losing her senses but this is all I could get.  She was a wreck.  A 3 hour nap followed.  Don't mix hunger and fatigue with her or you're doomed!

Jbird jetted off to baseball and I got ready for the busy week ahead.  It's Opa's birthday so the kids made cards and a cake!  We ordered Chinese food and enjoyed family time!  Someone won over Mabel!  Not hard to do but still...
 Notice who's on Opa's lap in every picture!

She even called his name from her crib long after he was gone.  :)

Can you see how old Opa is?  The kids had fun doing that part!

Night night, lights out!  Fun times!

I'm going to bed because we have a busy week ahead and if I'm saying it's busy, it would push some people over the edge!



Jess and Jon said...

So cute!! I love the cheesy pumpkin patches. Love that shot of Opa and Mabel. We need to see each other... been too long. Why can't you be going to Disneyland on Friday? Poo!

...all of us said...

what great shots! I particularly like Mabel's grin in the last picture.