Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Eve

We carved our pumpkins today!  Well, Ryan and I started with the kids and we lost their attention somewhere down the line.  Ryan did the white one and the bat and I did the two on the right.  I get really into it so I didn't mind that they ran around the front yard, played with bubbles and hung out with each other.  

 It would not be a Sunday if the ice cream truck didn't stop by and I've just resorted to the fact that my kids have lived in crappy food/candy for the last few days and will one more day :)

Every year, our neighbor goes ALL out and we have a block party the weekend before Halloween.  Everyone brings food, drinks, desserts and hangs out while the kids dance and get a sneak peak at the haunted house.  Nothing jumps out at them but it's too scary for me.  Jbird went through at least 10 times.  Here is a sample of his work.
The for sale sign hanging in the front yard.

This sketchy dude's eyes turn red and he starts to jerk around like he's actually being hung.  Mabel hates him.  Oh yeah, our neighbor made it with a windshield wiper motor.  Crazy.

Party started at 6:30 but my crew, Annie and her friend Porter were ready at 6.  The kids stayed up well past their bedtime...9 for Jbird because he came and asked me if he could go to bed and 9:30 for the girls.

Night night, momma's tired!

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