Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trick or Treat at Disneyland!

We picked up J from school and headed for Disneyland to miss traffic and get started early!  Amelia doesn't look like it here but she could NOT wait to get in!  She's a Baterina which is a bat version of a ballerina.  She's missing her mask!

Mabel is a baby bat (ears came in Amelia's costume) and she obviously had no idea what was going on but LOVED it.  

We got there just in time for the regular parade before the park turned into the spooky Halloween park!

 Amelia waved at everyone and it turns out, if there aren't any drums, parades are a HUGE hit with her!

We saw this all night...

The kids "trick or treated" all over the park and Jbird and daddy went into the haunted house!  I am missing my bat face but in case you need help, we're all bats!  Per Jeremy and Amelia's request.

The word for Mabel was trooper!  She walked almost the whole night and was so easy going.  J and A taking a break from walking but Mabel liked to help push the stroller.

Amelia did awesome as well and was dancing like a crazy person during the Halloween parade.  Oh yeah, one freak out session for Amelia when we stopped to dance at the dance party and Donald Duck tried to dance with her.  Jbird was a no brainer of course but I wasn't expecting the girls to do so well.  The park was crazy crowded in the beginning but once everyone ate and we had a plan, it was a nice night.
We stayed until the Spooktacular fireworks at 9:30 and watched near the exit so we could make a mad dash for home.  A group shot of us with the Rendes clan. For the Westchester peeps, this is the "south bay" group!

Don't mind Mabel's gut, we were all pretty tired by this point!  Home and in bed by 11!  Kids were beat and passed out within 5 minutes of leaving.  Happy Halloween!


the gerbdrians said...

You are such brave parents! Home at 11?! Looks like lots of fun. Very cute costumes...sure beats Green Lantern. I wish my kids would choose something awesome like bats.

we ez said...

Looks awesome!! I love Disney! And I love the gut picture!! So freaking cute!

The Lady of the House said...

Next year we are coming down!! I am so in love with Mabel's hair!

...all of us said...

So fun. Far outside my realm of possibility righ now, but someday...
I love all the pictures and descriptions.