Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Problem solved

We always get different responses about who our kids look like.  Anyone want to guess who this is and who she looks like?!?!?  

This is Mary and we can safely say Amelia looks like her!  Some slight differences but Amelia even thinks this is her.  If you show her the picture and ask who it is, she says "me"!  


the gerbdrians said...

so cool! Love the photo. It's true - Amelia looks lots like her grandmommy.

Nicole said...

Wow! It really does look like Amelia! What a great picture! How old was grandmommy here?

...all of us said...

That is so fun.
Enjoy your grandmommy time!
~Auntie Jamie

Jess and Jon said...

why am I not seeing Amelia? I totally see J-bird. So sweet that she brought that pic. Looks like you are having fun!