Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 1 of summer vacation + beach + park = SUCCESS

My Westchester mommy group decided that Mondays would be our beach days.  Just come if you can and if you can't, no need to try and coordinate every week.  Same place, same day, same time!  Louise, Nicole, Jamie, Jen Pickett and Sara came so it was lots of fun with good friends!  I took Annie and Porter (a kid exchange I have going with the George's over the summer...they get J and A on Wednesdays)!  BEAUTIFUL day at the beach!

 Mabel sunbathing with the big girls!

Amelia wanted to leave with Auntie Jamie so she did and went over for a play date and nap.  She actually went to sleep at her house without her blankies or pacifier!  Amazing!  We met up at a park to  get Amelia back to me and the kids had fun playing.  They liked watching the kids in the pool.

A good bath was needed after a busy day! Sometimes you gotta get in to get it done!


...all of us said...

It was a great day! We loved having Amelia and we would gladly bring Mabel into the fold for another test day.
We love you all!
~Auntie Jamie

Nicole said...
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Jess and Jon said...

Annie is sooooo cute with Mabel!

Meinhardt Family said...

Loved the updates. Let's start with the obvious - coconut 'bra' on Mabel - ADORABLE! I love the dress that Amelia is wearing in her graduation. She looks so grown up. And Jeremy looks so cute in his gown. I can't believe that black eye. That was a good one. Poor guy. Hope it's clearing up. Beach days!!! - JEALOUS! Miss you guys...hugs and kisses.