Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Grandmommy's salon

Grandmommy broke out her nail polish supplies and even Mabel wanted in on the action.  You could tell Jbird was curious so grandmommy buffed one of his nails so it was shiny.  He didn't want anymore done :)  Way to go son!  Mabel only allowed one of her nails to be painted and Grandmommy even let Amelia paint Mabel's toe nails and one of mommy's finger nails!

(Mommy's nail is bottom right)

Mommy thought it would be a good idea to let the kids ride to school while I ran with Mabel in the jogger.  Well, Amelia made it to the end of the block (she would have made it longer but she was going SO slowly I encouraged her to get in the stroller) so we put her bike in the Pickett's front yard (thank you Jen) and she jumped in the jogger.  Jbird made it all the way no problem.  Mabel and mommy continued on and on and on :(
ps...It was pajama day at school so that is why they are in their pj's. I love Mabel's face in the jogger.

Some QT with Mabel!
Playing with play doh.  I think Mabel ate more than she sculpted!


Meinhardt Family said...

Time to catch up...

OMG - Amelia and Mary DO look alike! She's a mini mary!

Loved the icecream parlor. So adorable! My favorite was (I think) Ryan at the end with his head in a box. You guys must have partied hard! I saw the one of him at the tiki bar mixing drinks as well. That is just too cool! I think we need one by the fire pit. :)

I was wondering why your children were in pajamas and going to school. I couldn't figure that out until I read on. Are they done with school now?

Miss you guys. Gotta go - lots of cakepops to make. 150 to be exact. UG!!! (P.S. Jeremy is in Colorado right now in an interview - say a prayer!!! )

the gerbdrians said...

You know Sevi would've been ALL over the nail polish. That's my boy!

...all of us said...

I hear you, Hudson LOVES getting his nails polished.
Way to go, Hudson!
To each his or her own.