Friday, June 24, 2011

One hell of a week....

What did 5 days, 6 kids (sometimes 5 and sometimes 4), trip to Pretend City in Irvine, Science Center in downtown LA, afternoon with blow up pool, afternoon swimming in a real pool, morning at the mall, make that 2 trips to the mall (does that make me a mall rat?), Venice boardwalk, making homemade personal pizzas, shopping at Michaels, daily craft projects, going through 3 bottles of bubbles, tons of trampoline fun, lunch x6 x5, made, yes made, more popsicles than I can count, said "stop bothering her/him" a million times, Jeremy's graduation from preschool and one black eye get me?!?!?!  EXHAUSTION!  I am beat but I think all the kids had a blast!!!  

Monday at Pretend City (pay phone? Like these kids will ever know what these are)

Monday afternoon pool time and drawing outside!

Tuesday trip to the Science Center!  

Wednesday craft session after 1st trip to the mall and and stop at Michaels to buy wooden frames and magazines.

The finished product!

Then it was time to make pizzas!  Jack and Jeremy cut up the toppings!

Thursday trip to Venice and skate board park!  Mabel loved watching the skate boarders!  Annie and Porter got feathers in their hair and bought some new shades!

Friday was Jeremy's graduation from Johnny's and his first black eye!  He got hit in the eye by the Wii remote and it was quite an experience !

But before the black eye happened, you graduated from preschool.  Congrats Jbird!  You're off to Kindergarten!  SO proud of you.  Although you look like you were being marched to your death, I know you had fun and excelled at school. The teachers NEVER, and I mean NEVER had anything bad to say about you.  We got daily reports on you when we picked you up and only positive things came out of the teacher's mouths.  We love you.

The non "graduating" kids get a certificate for completing a year of school.  Like Jbird, Amelia is considered a "star pupil".  You may be strong willed at home but the teachers say you are super polite and they would clone you if they could.  They're excited to see the student you will become now that you're on your own!  Good job Bedelia, we love you princess!

Jeremy and his fellow classmates!

Proud parents

Blurry picture but I don't care....I love it and I love you monkey man!


...all of us said...

I just cried my way through that post.
How could our little boy in the NICU be this big graduate?
We love you, Jeremy!
~J,J,O &H

Jess and Jon said...

Soooo sweet. Congrats J-Bird!! i can't even imagine watching that many kids. I would need either a margarita IV or 2 sister wives. ; )