Monday, June 06, 2011

Grandmommy is here!

Grandmommy arrived yesterday after a very busy weekend.  Amelia's party was Saturday, Jbird had his baseball picnic and got his trophy Sunday afternoon and then grandmommy came.  Such a fun weekend!
First event....The Del Rey American Little League picnic.  It's so fun.  The kids all bring their water guns, balloons and wear bathing suits.  It's a free for all water fight!  The parents bring tents (order pizzas, taco ladies), coolers, wagons, BBQ's (literally people roll their bbq's onto the field) and just hang out for hours.  It was a BLAST!

I've always said I'd rather have the nicest kid on the team rather than the best on the team.  My dreams came true when Coach Al gave Jeremy his trophy.  He said he was so impressed with how much he improved over the season and that he is the sweetest kid on the team.  Done.  I'm a proud mom! :)

I'm also proud of the way Mabel can have a handful of Cheetos and keep her balance on this chair.

Oh yeah, and I was proud of the way she walked right into the water fight and picked her nose as she crossed the pitcher's mud puddle.
The best part of this picture....I didn't take it.  Some random dad saw this and took a picture.  He then took her hand and walked around until he found her parents! :)  Hey, we were in a gated field so she couldn't go anywhere!
No pics of Amelia because she was too busy packing and unpacking her backpack that she brought.

Moving on...did I mention grandmommy is here!!!!  Mabel took about an hour to warm up to her and she really warmed up to her.

Mabel loves Amelia's new shoes, so does Amelia.  Uh oh...

Grandmommy brought sidewalk paint.  Yup, paint...not chalk.  Amelia loved painting the driveway. So did Mabel and Jeremy.

The kids spent the afternoon in the yard with her and we turned on the bubble machine.  We put in an OLD bottle of bubbles from the George's and it started to make the biggest bubbles.  Even grandmommy got in on the action!  Thank you again Alli, Spence, Sevi and Leo for the bubble machine...hours of entertainment!

 This picture is blurry but I LOVE their hair!!!  High on life!!!

And it wouldn't be any fun without some trampoline time and Mabel is getting GOOD!

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the gerbdrians said...

so glad the bubble machine is a hit! looks awesome