Friday, June 03, 2011

More fun with Auntie Jacqui, Jett, Benny and friends

Auntie Jacqui has been playing scrabble on her phone with my friend Beth (they've never met) so I thought we would have her and her son Matthew over for dinner on Thursday.  Oh yeah, and ice cream.

Before bed movie time...

Today, we had another beach day with our old friend Kimmy and her daughter Shea.

The life guard stand was a HIT!!! 

 Someone loves bugs....she is fearless.

 Auntie Jacqui brought Jett and Benny back out to her in-laws for the weekend so it was QT with Auntie tonight!  
Story time...

Story time turned into...well, playtime.

We're almost ready for Amelia's birthday party and we've got a BUSY weekend.  Party tomorrow, baseball picnic on Sunday and Grandmommy gets here on Sunday evening!

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