Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pet Balloons

Mabel fell in love with these at the mall this week and since Mabel got her first paycheck today for Munchkin, we went back and bought her one.  I couldn't leave the other two out so they got them for finishing preschool :)
Their little feet weigh them down so the kids can walk them around.

 Amelia got a poodle, Mabel got a pug (I keep trying to name it Peanut but the kids aren't going with me) and Jeremy got a frog.

Off for a walk

They even wait patiently while their owners play! :)

In case you're wondering...they're $8 each!  Well worth every penny!


Nicole said...

Very sweet of Mabel to buy everyone a balloon! :)
Auntie cole

...all of us said...

Look like fun.
Very sweet of you to buy the others their own as well.
~Auntie Jamie

Jess and Jon said...

HILARIOUS!!! Name it Peanut!!!