Monday, June 20, 2011

Only 2 more days of preschool

Oh my, I can't believe he's about to finish preschool!!!  Feels like just yesterday he arrived and he was the most beautiful newborn I had ever seen.  Still might be (I'm not bias or anything)!  
My poor little guy in the NICU! He still looks like this when he sleeps and I hope I never forget the picture of his face, the smell of him.  I have to admit that I used the same hospital bag for all 3 and I still haven't unpacked all of it.  It's my gym bag but at the very bottom are a couple pacifiers from the hospital and some other things that I can't throw away!  Maybe that's why I do this blog, to never forget all the things we've done and it's a place I can remember!  I still look back at old posts and it makes me happy!  That was a major side track!  
The point of this post was to show you how nerdy I am.  Jeremy got in to Goethe International Charter School which means he will be learning kinder basics in both German and English.  We're super excited.  I got his "supply list" and I admit that I CANNOT wait to go get them.  Here they are....
1. 3 packs of Construction paper (all colors)
2. 1 ream of white copy paper
3. 1 box of Kleenex
4. 2 Packs of big pencils for Kindergarten
5. Pack of erasers
6. Pack of Glue Sticks
7. Pack of Crayons (24 colors)
8. 1 pack of markers
9. 2-Pocket-Portfolio with fasteners, 4 folders
(red, green, yellow, and dark blue)
10. Clorox Wipes, 1 pack
11. Baby Wipes, 1 pack
12. 1 pack of Dry erase markers
13. Colored pencils, 1 pack
14. Pencil case (for use in German class)
15. Children’s safety scissors (such as Westcott)
16. Play Dough (any color)

I fun!!!  Wish I could go back to Kinder again!!!  


...all of us said...

Oh my goodness, back to school shopping is the best.
If you are a nerd, then so am I!
I can't say that I am excited to do this for O and H, but I am excited for you!
~Auntie Jamie

Joanna said...

Wooow! That is a long list of supplies that they expect you to provide! Loooove supply shopping though. May I suggest that although the purple glue sticks are cool because they are purple and you can see exactly where the glue goes... They are not very sticky and from my experience cause craft project sadness! I vote stick with the big white ones in the orange and yellow tube! :)