Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Groundhog day

Jack and Annie helping J and A do their Valentine's cards! It was pretty cute because it was like girls vs.boys.
And that it is

7:00 - "Mooooooommmmmmmyyyyyyyy" repeated at least 4 of 5 times before I get out of bed
7:15 - Amelia says, "I'm hungry" which then leads to her opening the cereal cabinet to tell me she wants cereal, "no milk please" and then before she can sit down says "I want milk".  If it's not cereal it's eggo waffles which is followed by "I want to put the syrup on".  Yes, I know.
8:00 - As Ryan heads out to the office, he'll ask, "how do you do this every day" :)
Pack lunches (which ALWAYS includes a PB&J sandwich, yogurt, apple sauce, crackers, juice box and any fruit we have in the house)
Get them ready for school, brush teeth and then send them off to school with a "share" (show and tell).
1:00pm - Pick up from school, put the girls to bed, unpack lunches (they are always totally empty except Amelia NEVER eats the crackers. EVER)
Ryan comes in for lunch and sings the song "my buddy" because Jbird and mom are buddies while the girls nap.  
Jeremy spends at least an hour doing his homework and then asks, "mommy, can I watch airplanes" to which my reply is "yes, please do" :)
Girls get up, play in the back and then they wait for Jack and Annie to get out of school.  More playing.
5:00-5:30 - dinner time (Amelia ALWAYS asks for "pesagillas" or said correctly, quesadillas) 
Bath, play with daddy which usually includes the kids tackling daddy in Mabel's room.
7:00 - Bedtime!!!!  And we'll do it all over again tomorrow!  

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...all of us said...

So cute to see the Georges and the Meinhardts playing together. We can't wait to see the cards!