Sunday, February 27, 2011

Clear but COLD Weekend

We were supposed to get a big cold and rainy storm (typical L.A to predict that but not get it) so Ryan and I moved our mattress to the living room to sleep to the sound of rain Friday night.  We thought we would be house bound most of the weekend so we thought we could have fun and hang out as a family and watch cartoons, read books, etc.  Which we did...
Yes, Amelia is in her underwear again!!  She seems to forget that part after she goes to the bathroom.

Well, we woke up Saturday morning to blue skies and crisp air!  
Do you see a single cloud in the sky?!?!

These clouds were east of us but nothing above our house!

So we headed outside for a walk, some basketball and front yard fun!  

EVERY time we're outside our neighbour Dee heads out for a walk and the kids yell, "HI DEE"!  She loves it and stops by to say hi.

 The kids usually end up in the car and Miss Mabel was on her float waving hello to the cars that passed.  Only one car waved back :(

We headed back inside for a ton of fun on our living room bed :)

I had to take a picture of Mabel in this bib because it was a belated gift from my high school.  I got one each time my kids were born and I thought it was sweet.

Sunday consisted of Mabel's 1st morning donut run for breakfast, baseball practice for Jbird while mommy went to a baby shower.  I left the girls in a pac n play on the sideline and daddy pitching balls to jbird.  We go to the grocery store on Sunday so we're fully stocked the for the week...
Nothing better than starting the week full of "ammo"!!!  Yup, you see that correctly...there are 5 gallons of milk.

Sorry this post is so long but it's not about you, it's about my kids reading this one day and remembering these great memories.  So here's a quick one...
As Amelia, Mabel and I were leaving Vons with mommy pushing one cart with Mabel in it and pulling the kids cart behind me (Amelia couldn't push it because she wanted to eat a banana instead) we ran into Bethany and Annie (they live next door in case you don't know who they are) and Annie wanted to come with me and Amelia wanted to go with Bethany so we switched kids.  Amelia headed back into the store and Annie came home with me and Mabel and played with Mabel while I unloaded the groceries.  Bethany called when they got home and said that Amelia was going to help her cook dinner.  She didn't come home for almost an hour.  Have I mentioned that we love our neighbors.  Thank you George family for being a big brother, big sister, 2nd mom and dad and a second place to call home.  We love you.


the gerbdrians said...

Wow! Do you guys have a second fridge? That's impressive.

...all of us said...

All wonderful pictures and anecdotes and well worth the time it took to get through your post!

Anonymous said...

I think you guys would rock a studio apartment! Just keep that mattress between your couches and you're set with a living room, bedroom and playroom!

Meinhardt Family said...

Great pics!
Your fridge looks a lot like ours - tons of milk and TONS of yogurt!! I have to now limit the kids to 2 yogurts a day. UG! Your missing one thing though...Girl Scout cookies! :)
Hugs to all...