Friday, February 04, 2011

Not so fun "fun Friday"

Nicole made reservations at the Madrona Marsh in Torrance for a lesson and nature walk today for our Fun Friday outing.  Well, not so fun for this mom!  All started out checking out all the animals and kids using little cubes that magnify insects and bugs.  They got to see a Wolf Spider, tiny bugs, stuffed animals and listened to frogs. 

Mabel, on the other hand, thought the stuffed fox wanted hugs and kisses and she thought the hallway and bathrooms were more fun than the learning room.  

Thankfully Nicole kept an eye on J and A so I could chase Mabel around.  Inside and out.  All was well with J and A until the tinfoil boat experiment when Amelia decided that she was hungry.  Mabel was fussing in the stroller (I confined her there so I could help her siblings) and Amelia was crying for food.  I told Nicole I would meet her outside after this lesson to join in the marsh walk.  

J was great (once he and other kids got back from their brief attempt to run away), Amelia didn't want to walk and Mabel wanted to walk and stop at every leaf, twig, bug.  Come water scene...we're at the marsh and Mabel wants to walk in it (I left my handy dandy back pack to keep Mabel confined), Amelia's standing at the stroller crying because she can't get it to stay up (my heavy bag was hanging on the back so it fell backwards every time she got up).  I hit the eject button and took the girls back to the parking lot (little path and area to run around) so they could eat lunch.  Ugh..I'm tired just thinking about it again.  Thanks again Nicole for hanging with Jbird while I chased the girls and had to deal with 2 kids too young for a lesson on bugs :)  Jeremy loved it!
Until next week.....


the gerbdrians said...

ugh. i hate days like those. glad someone else has them too.

Meinhardt Family said...

Sounds like a crazy day...that will be more enjoyable in 4 years...for everyone!!!

The Lady of the House said...

I think it sounds awesome! Learning and all..;)
Remember the time we went to the Natural History Museum and Jack kissed the dead turtle.