Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day!  Even though I tell the kids (and Ryan) that I love them every day, it's fun to say it with treats, cards and all day without thinking about it.  

Amelia had her Emerson class today so we brought cards to hand out and made a card there that she wanted to give to her daddy.  Shocker.  Here she is waiting with William Pickett to get their cards from their classmates.

 The girls and me during class!

Amelia's card bag, the cards Ryan and I got the kids (they play music when they open it), the pink plate is Jeremy's craft from school today, the red heart is the card Amelia made for daddy and the brown box is the package from Grandmommy!
Thank you daddy for bringing mommy an iced coffee and chocolate this morning.  

 The lady bug chocolate daddy got for the kids!

Thank you Grandmommy for our new super cool shirts and the chocolate for mommy and daddy!  Yummo!
And the day concluded, like always, with a bath!  Our two bath lovers...

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...all of us said...

The family picture at the top is priceless. Who needs a portraitist when you have you as a mom?