Friday, February 11, 2011

Conversation of the year!!!

Yesterday, while the girls napped, Jbird and I watched the tree trimmers cut down one tree and trim another.  They were using chain saws, rope to pull themselves up into the tree and then the machine of all machines ATE the tree and spit it into a big truck.  Jeremy told me he wanted "to do that when he gets older".  I then asked, "you don't want to do what daddy does" and he answered, "no that's boring"!  So today I was telling Auntie Nicole about this conversation and I told Jeremy to tell her why he didn't want to do what daddy did and he then said, "daddy only packs up boxes all day".  If he only knew.....

Fun Friday with Nicole was coffee, a grassy quad, a short walk that ended on a basketball court with a broken water fountain which equals a lot of fun and super wet kids.  They even lured Mabel to stand right where the water fountain sprayed so she was wet too.
Hanging in the shade to stay cool!

Friends forever!

Drying out!

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Meinhardt Family said...

You guys have been busy soaking up that warm weather! Ummm...JEALOUS!!! It's supposed to hit 47 next week and we are ecstatic!

I love all the pics. I can't wait to see those kiddos. Give everyone hugs and kisses.