Thursday, February 10, 2011


 Jbird and Amelia waiting for the Farmer's Market train to circle the water.

When everyone is healthy and we aren't recovering from surgery, Tuesdays are reserved for Auntie Louise, Emily and William.  We hit the 8:30 spin class and then head to a park afterwards for some playtime.  Louise and I ran 5 miles on Monday night so we decided to rest the old bones (Louise is turning 40 on Monday so it's her bones that are old) and just hit the park.  We went to a little park in Manhatten Beach that's doable with 3 little ones and then walked to the farmer's market afterwards and Louise introduced me to this water fountain.

Notice Mabel bottom left just loving the water trickling off.  Jeremy is playing in the water on the top. It's a very thin layer that runs downward into a small pool.
It was a fun impromptu play date at this little water fountain, play area.  The kids were soaked by the time we were done but they had tried all the fruit at the market, ran around, ate lunch and were ready for nap time!


Arutunian family said...

Where the heck is this waterfountain?? I've never seen it before. I can't wait to hear what Louise says when she reads about her "old" bones, LOL!

we ez said...

Um....OLD BONES!!! WTF?!! Sure, I almost DIED on the run. Sure, my ankles are showing early arthritis, and I just got my first pair of glasses.....but I feel like a Spring Chicken (38 1/2 yr old) today! :)