Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun Friday

I not only love Fridays because they're Fun Fridays but because we can hang in our PJ's just a little bit longer.  The kids love to play in the beds together so all 3 hung out for awhile in Amelia's bed.  They had a brief visitor at their window before he went school.

 We then met up with Nicole, Simone and Blaise for a long walk in Playa Vista because all the parks were closed due to the rain.  Hello people, it hadn't even started to rain.  Oh well, the kids had fun finding lots of bugs including lady bugs, snails, stink bugs, potato bugs, pincher bugs and lots of ants.  Thank you Blaise for picking up most of them so everyone could get a closer look.  It started to drizzle right when we were on our way to the Playa Vista library.  The kids had fun "reading", stacking blocks, doing puzzles, etc. Mabel stayed in the reading room and seemed interested for a little while but once she figured out there was more to this place than one room, she had fun trying to run ALL over the library.  

Here is Jbird at the top of a huge hill I told him NOT to climb.  Thanks for listening!  I'm just glad he finally figured out how to get down because it was getting close to a mommy rescue.

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the gerbdrians said...

J-bird is going to be a mountain-climber.