Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I'm officially a stage mom!

After being told EVERYWHERE we go that Mabel looked like the Gerber baby, that "you need to get this baby into modeling", we did it.  We submitted her picture to 4 agencies (3 of them wanted to sign her) and we chose to go with an agency that will submit her profile for print ads and both union and non union commercials. She has to have a work permit so we drove to Van Nuys and took the last step to make it legit.  

Wish me luck!!!!  Hope this doesn't screw me up :)

Not a great angle as she looks strangely long but here she is with her first entertainment work permit.  
Mommy has had feelings that range from worried, "are we sure we want to do this", to excited (we could put some good money towards her college account), a sleepless night tossing and turning because I feel like I'm robbing her of her childhood (that's silly I know but that's what I did the night I told the agency we were in) but mostly I want to let the adventure begin.  We'll keep you posted but it ranges from super slow to a lot of auditions on a monthly basis so we'll take each day as it comes.


...all of us said...

So, if she books a lot of things- does the money all go to her college account or will she spread the wealth to her non-industry siblings?
Only models get to go to college? Sounds like discrimination!

Arutunian family said...

It's about time!! That baby is going to make loads of money! I bet from her exposure, all of your kids could be models. Seriously!

Jess and Jon said...

OK, no toddlers and tiaras but YES to commercials and movies!! Just know that you can say yes or no to any of the auditions if you start to feel overwhelmed. I want passes to the movie set if either A) Adrian Brody or B) George Clooney are involved.

Joanna said...

I have a friend who as a young child was in commericals, movies, ads etc and she turned out normal and had money saved for college! Good luck! Can't wait to see/hear all about it! =)

The Lady of the House said...

Funny - I agree with something in everyone's comment!
Except for Adrian Brody, but Jess, I'll watch the girls for you on his set days ;)