Sunday, January 30, 2011

A BUSY weekend

Our busy weekend started Friday when Ryan and I had a date planned and the kids were spending the night at Oma and Opa's house.  They asked ALL day if it was time to go yet.  Thank you Oma and Opa because our mommy and daddy needed some alone time after the eventful week.
Amelia wanted to help mommy put on her makeup and it was one of those moments I don't think I will ever forget.  She asked about everything I did and LOVED putting on eye shadow.  She sat on the counter for almost an hour.  That's a lifetime for her.  Jeremy decided that he didn't want to be left out so he joined in as well, as did Mabel.  There was limited room for mommy to get ready.  Jeremy asked what the mascara was for and I said it was to make mommy's lashes prettier and then he said he wanted his lashes to look prettier.  And WOW, did it ever.  He looked AMAZING but then kept blinking really hard so it smudged all over.  After I took it off he said, "I want to do the things daddy does" and I agreed that he should do those things instead of mommy things :)

 Top right photo of me was taken by my budding photographer Amelia.

Then it was time to blow dry my hair and they loved it when I blew it in their faces!

Date night for mom and dad included dinner at Gilberts, a local Mexican restaurant, drinks at a bar and a movie.  We slept in until 9, walked to coffee with Luna and then headed up to pick up the kids.
We spent the rest of the day outside because it was another beautiful day.  I washed my car with Jeremy's help, Mabel took interest in our portable toilet, the neighbor kids played in our backyard and once the kids were in bed, I enjoyed my new favorite beer.
 Yes, that all goes back in my car.  Always need to be prepared :)

 Neighborhood kids; Annie, Madeline (Jeremy's age and goes to the same preschool) and Eleanor live two doors down, Jack and Jbird.  Not pictured; Amelia who just got off, Mabel who was not allowed up with all these big kids and Benjamin (Madeline and Eleanor's older brother who is 9)

My new favorite beer. I know all you Midwesterners will make fun of me but I love it!!!

Today, Sunday, we headed over the newly renovated Observation Deck at LAX to watch some "celebrity" airplanes land.  I wasn't sure what that meant but I figured it once we were there with all the fellow "plane enthusiasts".  By celebrity, they mean special, new, etc.  The newest, first of the Airbus 320 Air New Zealand domestic fleet (more to be delivered in the next few years) came in which was painted a funky black to honor their rugby team.  And you think I sound nerdy, you should have seen the real aviation people there.  I was asked if we were an "aviation" family and I proudly replied "yes."  My answer was followed with another question which was "oh, are you with the air force or a specific airline?" Um, no lady, I just live in Westchester which means me and my kids LOVE planes.  She then asked Jbird if he wanted to be a pilot and Mabel if she was going to be a flight attendant.  Did I go back in time?  Why can't Mabel be a pilot as well?  It was gloomy and then rainy but we made it long enough to watch the A380 (Quantas, double decker the whole way) come in and then we headed home with our airplane goody bags.
It's raining today so we're having a quiet day at home. I am updating this while the girls nap and Jeremy went to lunch with the George's who are bringing home yummy Mexican food for lunch :)
Feeling almost 100% now and ready for another busy week.  
Hope you had a fun weekend!!!  


Meinhardt Family said...

Sounds like you had a nice, and well deserved, relaxing weekend! Love all the pics. Miss you guys...

Anonymous said...

Here's to my favorite aviation family!!! :) Glad you guys had fun. We might have to check it out.

Arutunian family said...

You guys sure do A LOT of stuff! If only I could get Todd to do local fun stuff like that.