Friday, January 14, 2011

Fun Friday at the beach with Grandmommy

It was a beautiful day so we packed up and headed to the beach.  Here are the pics from a great day.  

Grandmommy thinks I am crazy for packing up like I do but it makes it fun and worth the trip.  I bring a pool (the green thing on my back), umbrella, chairs, blankets, sand toys, food (mostly fruit and PB&J) and I didn't bring the usual pac n play, a place to put Mabel when I am tired of her eating sand.  Once we got there and set up, Grandmommy admitted that she would bring all the stuff to enjoy the beach on a day like this.

Grandmommy's artistic sand sculpture

The kids on top of the sand dunes

Picture of our "camp" taken from on top of the sand dune

Mabel with her new favorite person

The gang (including Simone)

After the park, baths and a long nap we headed to a fun park in Manhatten Beach to meet up with some friends.  Morgan and Mia (an old teammate on the Freedom).  No pictures except this super cute one of Mabel.  A little blurry but I don't care.


Anonymous said...

Very fun morning and the turtle pool was a huge hit! The pic on top of the sand dune shows off the beach very well, but our lovely children are not at their best! :)

Jess and Jon said...

You do look like a sherpa! Wish we could have come.... looks like fun! So glad you had a nice visit with g-mommy.