Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Fun day at home

It was a beautiful day so we took advantage of outdoor fun.  Grandmommy took all the kids on a walk while mommy went and got a coffee.  Once the girls were sleeping, mommy broke out her craft stuff to make some birthday cards.  We had a blast but I'm not sure if it was the actual process of making the cards or watching grandmommy discover a whole new world.

Here are grandmommy's cards.  In case you noticed the broken plate behind the cards, that's our wedding plate that broke while the Xmas decorations were taken down.  I did my best to glue it.

Here are Jbird and my cards.  He actually stamped all the letters and cakes :)  Well done J.  

It wouldn't be a regular day around here if it didn't involve jumping on the trampoline!!  I did look outside at one point and Jbird was "jumping" Mabel.  Um, that means that she was on the trampoline and he jumps right next to her so she flops around.  Um again because I didn't put her on the trampoline...Jbird did.  Oh wait, and Mabel LOVES it!

Mabel loves the playhouse.  She opens and closes the door over and over.  Hmmm...sounds familiar.

 Mabel rode the roller coaster all by herself.  Well, I help her over the first hump and then let her go on her own.  Amelia supervised Mabel and her baby doll taking turns :)

 Grandmommy thinks J's hair would be cute long so she trimmed up the sides and we'll see how it looks when we let the rest grow.  I'm not sure about this... :)

Another fun day with Grandmommy.  We love you!!!!!


The Lady of the House said...

What a wonderful Grandmommy!

Your plate =( =( =(

MabelBabel and that long hair!

PS - that's my favorite shirt =) Save it for me, K?

Meinhardt Family said...

Love the updates. Those pics are great. I love the one of Jeremy getting his hair cut. He's SO serious...very GQ looking. And the one of Amelia cleaning is priceless. Let's hope she' carries those cleaning skills and desires well into her adult life.

Miss you guys. Wish we were all hanging out together. The kids are really missing Mary! She's the best.