Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Holland Day 27: Or Paris Day 1

Jeremy is/was and will always be obsessed with the Eiffel Tower so I took him to Paris!!  Just me and my little man.  It was one of the best days EVER and I will never forget it.  He was so good, so interested, taking it all in and truly enjoying it all.  We did whatever he wanted to do.  We went on a boat tour on the Seine, carousel ride, pet and held bunnies, ate crepes, took a tuk tuk, stopped for street performers, had a cheeseburger, went to the grassy area under the Eiffel Tower, had ice cream and walked a lot!  We took the high speed train so it took about 2.5 hours and spent all day there.  We were back in Holland for bed time!  Here are the pictures in no particular order.

A boy with his stick and Eiffel Tower

A boy taking a break from walking with his stick and Eiffel Tower

Can you tell he's in love with his new Eiffel Tower!

Best. Day. Ever.
Love you Jbird and I hope you never forget this day with mommy

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the gerbdrians said...

So cute. J-bird and Sevi are twins, down to the memorabilia they selected. We have that eiffel tower!