Thursday, July 18, 2013

Holland Day 12:

Opa and I took the kids to Monschau, Germany today.  I thought it would be fun to pack a lunch and eat it along the river somewhere so J and A could play in the water and then head into town for dessert and sight seeing.  It was a great idea because J was born to be on the river.  This kid is one happy camper here.  Surprisingly, Amelia seems to like it too and well, Mabes, she likes it as much as she can from the stroller and floor :)
We took a little train around town which I have never done before and I got to see parts of this little town that I've never seen.  The kids are limiting in some ways (ie...not exactly relaxing sitting in the town square having coffee) but I am doing things I have never done and seeing things in ways I never did.  Good stuff.  
Here are a bunch of pics because I couldn't edit and they are not in any order!

I posted a picture of the back of our little house but I don't think I posted one of the front.  J's room is top right, girl's top left and living room bottom left.  We are steps away from the ice cream parlor!!!!

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