Saturday, July 13, 2013

Holland Days 6 & 7:

Day 6: Aachen, Germany
Mabel still wasn't walking but I wanted to get out so Opa and I took the kids to Aachen for lunch after a lazy morning.  Everyone is still sleeping late so we're getting started a bit later than we usually do.  Anyway, we went to Aachen (borrowed stroller from Freek) and had lunch in the center by a fountain.

We then went to the cathedral and the kids really (seriously, J and A did think it was cool) liked it.

We walked around, got the kids their first taste of European ice cream, stopped at a fruit stand (of course) and headed home after about 2 1/2 hours.  It's only 15 minutes away so it's easy to do for lunch.  Amelia told me today she wanted to go back!

Amelia dreaming of gingerbread!  

 My mom and dad usually eat at this coach house for lunch but we thought it would be nicer to sit outside.  We had to get the family shot in front of it because I've eaten here as well and it's so cute!  Mabel's new face for pics....a ballerina with her eyes closed :)

Day 7: Emergency room
Well, I thought this was going to be an eventful and memorable trip and I was right!  As you know, Mabel fell on Wednesday and we were told it was a bruise.  I knew my daughter better than that and wanted a 2nd opinion today.  So Freek took her and I to the ER and it's a spiral fractured Tibia.  She's now in a cast for at least 4 walking!  I'm going to be one strong mama after this trip!

Waiting for the xrays!

Waiting for the doctor to read X-rays!

Bad news and waiting for the nurse to put the cast on!

 She was not happy about the cast going on but she was such a trooper all day!!! I didn't know Freek took this picture but I love it.  A mommy comforting her baby girl.

 Once we got home, we had lots of entertainment.  A hedge hog was cruising around and kept J busy for a couple hours, Freek, Alexandra, Ruben and Isabella came by with presents, a cool stroller to borrow and it was a good distraction for me to enjoy a cold beer and some adult time.

Hopefully the trip goes smoothly from this point on.  :)  Night, I'm exhausted!

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Jess and Jon said...

We love you MABES! You are a trooper!