Thursday, July 18, 2013

Holland Days 9, 10 & 11:

Monday was a nice day but a little sad too.  It was the first day Mabel felt left out and wanted to get in the water, play in the sand and run around with J and A!  Poor thing was not happy at the park.  We went to Sanne's house (Marie's mom), met her little brother Mels and spent the day with them and another old friend Martyn!  He brought his daughter Puck and it was a little different scene than when we all last hung out. 

Day 10:  Tuesday we went to a huge indoor playground.  HUGE!  Carousels, bumper cars, log ride, roller coaster, jump houses, slides, food, pedal boats and much more.  It was absolutely empty so we had the place to ourselves. Jeremy and Amelia passed out cold that night.

We finished our day back at Freek and Alexandra's house for a cold beer and mellow play time for the kids!  It was a really fun day!

Day 11: Wednesday.  We had plans to meet back at Michiel's house to play with Marie and Mels.  We were told to take the steam train and so we did!  It was a fun little ride (nothing crazy exciting) and once we got to Valkenburg, we walked to their house and had a nice walk into town to the store to get lunch, ice cream of course and it was like we lived here.  Just another little playdate in Holland.

We enjoyed a nice walk into town, we passed over the river on a bridge and got some yummy nectarines at the store.

We headed back to the house, had lunch and let the kids play.  Jeremy spent most of the time with the horses and the girls played with Marie.

Mabel's cast is getting dirtier and dirtier but I've given up trying to keep it white.  Kids will be kids and she's making the most of the bummer situation :)

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