Sunday, July 07, 2013

Holland Day 1:

Made it!!!!! Started a little's how it went....Ryan was able to get a gate pass so he came with us through security which was a huge help waiting for the boarding process as there were about 10 potty breaks. We were able to change our tickets to 2 open window seats and 3 in the middle so Jbird was happy about that. As we stepped on the plane, the nice flight attendant handed out little candies. My first thought was "really? Before a 11 hour flight?" Anyway, we make our way to our seats, I buckle the kids in and start getting all their bags put away and organized so they can help themselves as much as possible. I turn around and Mabel is red in the face with her mouth wide open. Holy crap, she's choking on that candy. I slam her in the back, unbuckle her and take her to the back (one row behind us) and she projectile vomits 3 times all over herself, my pants and the floor. We haven't even been on the plane for 5 minutes. I packed a change of clothes for all as well as a zip lock bag so I changed her, myself and put all in the bag. I put her back in her seat and a flight attendant comes up to me to tell me that I needed to move 15 rows up because only people working can have that row. She must have thought I had 10 heads. I had to pack all up, move 15 rows forward and unpack again. Is this a joke? BUT, once we were settled...all was good!!!! I slept a couple hours, J slept 3 maybe and both girls slept almost 6 hours. Customs took awhile which was hard for 3 tired kids but Opa met us there and an hour later we were here! Our farmhouse apt is darling, 2 stories, 3 bedrooms, opens to beautiful views on one side and an adorable courtyard on the other with an ice cream parlor 30ft away. 

Our home away from home for the next month!

We stopped by Oom Bert's house on the way back from the airport and it was great to see him as usual!  It was a quick visit because we just wanted to get home and get settled.  We changed into cooler clothes (nice and warm here vs. freezing on the plane) and the kids explored.  I got unpacked and then sat with Oma and Opa on their terrace eating Indonesian food.  It was worth the 10 year wait :)  The kids got some ice cream (the ice cream parlor is literally feet away from our back door) and the played upstairs or outside the rest of the evening.  I think we will keep it mellow tomorrow with a walk in the area, maybe a quick grocery trip and my childhood friend is coming at 6 with his wife and kids.  Until tomorrow......

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the gerbdrians said...

No way. Can't believe the candy/vomit story. Nightmare!