Sunday, July 14, 2013

Holland Day 8:

The day started off slowly with a nice run by myself.  Much needed with a completely dependent child again :)
I saw this horse trimming the flowers in its front yard.

Tante Tose came for nice visit (she married my Oma's brother but unfortunately he passed away too young after a complication from surgery).  The kids had ice cream after lunch and the adults enjoyed lunch on Oma and Opa's patio and some yummy coffee.  This is the ice cream parlor steps from our little house.

After the kids entertained themselves until 3 pm...
 Opa and I took them to see a castle about 10 minutes away.

We took this really cool, tree lined pathway away from the castle towards a small town named Schin op Geul.  
Jbird just loves it here.  He loves all the things I did as a kid.  I love the above picture of him because it's hard to get him standing still.
We threw rocks in the river and the kids wanted to walk in it.  So they did.

 Even Mabel got in on the action with her "good foot"

Jbird was able to catch this butterfly which Mabel wanted and it stayed on her hand for a few minutes. She loved it.

Once we hit the little town, Opa suggested that the kids and I take the train to Big town and he will meet us there for dinner.  The kids LOVED that idea.  It only took a few steep hills...

some cute farm houses...

and a few minutes waiting at the train station....

to enjoy their first rain ride in Europe!  It was worth it!

Slight mishap getting off the train led to a 30 minute walk into the city.  I didn't realize Heerlen had two stops and we got off at the 1st one, not the central one so we had more walking to do to get to the restaurant to meet Opa.  BUT, it made the kids hungrier for dinner and tired for bed.

On a side note, Jeremy is an expert at getting stung by nettles.  Not sure if you can see the tiny welts but they're there every time. :)

Mabel has been quite a trooper and I go between thinking "we totally got this" to "I'm going to be really tired by the time I get home"!  It's hard having a totally dependent kid again and it's even harder to watch J and A run around while she sits there and watches.  What makes it better?  How sweet and helpful Jeremy and Amelia are with her.  They get her things, make sure she has sticks and rocks on walks, wiped her face and legs and toes tonight before bed and give her plenty of kisses.  They are lucky to have one another.  
I'm going to bed....I'm exhausted!!!!
ps...sorry about typos!


Jess and Jon said...

FINALLY checking in! Looks amazing, despite all the trauma.

the gerbdrians said...

Poor Mabs, and her momma. Good thing you brought a stroller! Looks gorgeous and fun nonetheless.