Monday, July 29, 2013

Holland Day 25:

Today was Oma's birthday so the kids got up and made her cards first thing.  Jeremy made her a card with a heart and a "J.P" in the middle.  That's for Jeremy and Paulette :)  Sweet boy.  Amelia made a rainbow heart and Mabel made a cute card and then decided to try "cursive" and well, it wasn't so cute.

Oma and Opa invited family and friends over at 3 so Sanja and I took the kids to Drielandenpunt (three land point; you can stand in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands at the same time!

Sanja and Mabel are in Germany, J is in the Netherlands and Amelia is in Belgium!

We went through a maze and J got soaking wet

so wet that he had to ride home naked so he wouldn't get Sanja's car wet

Waiting for her waffle of course

Back to the farmhouse to visit and celebrate Oma's birthday!

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