Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maui Family Trip Days 2 & 3

It's busy, it's beautiful and it's something these kids (and parents) will never forget.  We're getting in a good rhythm and figuring out how to make days full and smooth.  We start at the beach!

There is a lot of quality time with our little nieces and nephews.  We brought soccer balls, baseballs and gloves, frisbee, music speakers and bring beer and coffee to the beach!  You're not a "Little" if you don't like coffee!  Auntie Coco with her namesake!

The three kids on the right are Teddy, Jett and Amelia.  Better known as the Get Along Gang!

These two girls are funny.  Take note of their expressions!  These two are known as the Caboose Group!

Uncle Christian boogie boarding with Jbird on his back!  J loved it!!

Jeremy and I have never been kayaking so we went today with Ryan!

So we went mostly to find whales and whales we found!!!!  We saw a ton of whales from afar but then all of a sudden 2 of them came to the surface about 30 ft away!  I mean, I have to admit that I freaked out a little inside.  SOOOOO close.  J loved it.  

Next, we move to pool for the rest of the afternoon!  Amelia loves the little kid pool!!!

 Cuddles in the water!

Jeremy has still not gotten sick of the water slide!!!

Love these eyes!

 At sunset we hang out outside the poolside rooms while we feed kids dinner, drink wine/beer and watch the sunset and enjoy the weather.  The first night the guy blew the conch shell and lit the tiki torches by our room.  A few of our kiddos got to help but there were only 3 so Amelia got really sad when she couldn't!  Tonight...she and Mabel got to help and were thrilled!  

Crystal and the kids (missing Kira)!

Last night we left all the kids with Crystal and went to a delicious sushi dinner.  Tonight Oma and Opa went to dinner and then the boys headed out for some male bonding.  Tomorrow night is a ladies night so I will be looking forward to that!

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Meinhardt Family said...

Looks awesome!!! Enjoy girls night out tonight. Love the pics. Keep them coming.