Monday, January 23, 2012

Just because

Some updates and fun pics!  
I love candid pictures and our neighbor just sent us a few of these from our Xmas Eve shore fishing day!  Love when I actually get pics of myself with the kids because it RARELY happens!
Have I mentioned how much I love this boy?!?!  Ugh, can't deal.

For as difficult an age that Amelia is, there are amazing moments of "big sister-ness" that melts my heart!  They're lucky to have each other.

This girl is a daddy's girl!!!!  

Mabel wants to be just like her big sister these days.  She even wants her hair to be the same.  I love it so I do it! :)

I love weekend mornings to chill out and not rush out the door by 7:30am!!!!  Pillow pet time!

Family hug!  Ryan is under there, you just can't see him!!!!

Oh yeah, Mabel is back in diapers!  When I would ask her if she had to go pee, it was as if she looked at me and said, "F you" and then would pee in her pants!  So I asked her if she wanted to be a baby in diapers or a big girl in underwear.  She chose baby. So, baby she is.  I'm secretly thrilled because I wasn't ready to do the whole potty training thing before Hawaii.  She still asks to go in the potty but I remind her that SHE CHOSE baby!  We'll see when she chooses to be a big girl!  Until then, I am taking a break from asking, "Mabel, you have to go potty?"  Thank god!!!!!!

Oh yeah, she is now off the wait list at Emerson (Teacher Kathy) so we started today and she remembered all the songs, etc from when she went with me to Amelia's class.  It didn't even phase her when I left her on the playground.  Well done #3!!!  I guess that what being a third child is all about!  Here she is starting her 1st real school experience! Lunch and all :(


...all of us said...

I am so glad she gets to be in teacher KAthy's class like the other two.
I knew she would run out on the yard without any issue. She is an independent big girl (baby)

Meinhardt Family said...

I love all the pictures!!! Makes me want to go in to my kids room right now and snuggle up with them...but I'll let them sleep. :) Miss you guys.

the gerbdrians said...

Oh my goodness! Mabel looks way too old. This cannot be true.