Monday, January 16, 2012

Holiday Weekend

"Hand me downs" are amazing!  They are also my nagging chore!  I think there is a bag of clothes at least once every couple weeks on my porch from various people (and suitcases from Auntie Courtney) so I throw them in the girl's closet until they start to fall out every time I open the door.  Once every few months, I finally concede to hunker down for a couple days and get it done.  I go through the girls drawers and throw all clothes too small into the hallway.  I throw good will clothes into the bathroom (if you know my house then you know that it's a straight throw from the dresser to both locations).  I literally dump ALL bags of clothes on the floor and again, clothes I don't want go either to the hallway or bathroom and clothes we do want go into the drawers.  Clothes still too big go into plastic bins that now say, 4 year and 5 year clothes.  Don't forget the "life" bins (newspaper from the day they were born, home from hospital outfits, cute artwork, sweet cards, mementos of each girl) that also get any clothes they've grown out of that they loved.  Think Barefoot dreams jacket, favorite onesies, etc.  It's an ordeal and the kids love it!!!!!!  See below!

Sunday we took the kids (those included in that would be Jack and Annie) and Luna to Solstice Canyon in Malibu.  A little "hike", more like a walk, to an old burned down house and waterfalls.  I had a bit of an anxiety attack when Ryan and I decided to only take the back pack.  What?!?!!?  That means Amelia would have to walk the whole time.  It was a fun time but who are we kidding, I ended up carrying her almost the whole way back from the waterfalls and Mabel made it 1/2 way there before she wanted to be in the back pack!  Good times!

I convinced Ryan to take the kids shore fishing with him today (he went with David George, kids and the same neighbors who went on Xmas Eve day) so I could get stuff done!  It's AMAZING what I can get done now with not a lot of time.  Here's what I accomplished today....
1. Ran to Bristol Farms with Luna to get coffee and get her out for a walk
2.  Dusted, cleaned bathroom, kitchen and rest of house and did the mopping on all 4's!!!!!  
3.  5 loads of laundry, folded, put away
4.  Did I mention that I also took kitchen chairs outside for a scrub down
5.  Showered
6.  Bathed kids once they were home
7. Painted trim on 3 windows (Ryan replaced the windows about 2 years ago but has yet to paint them)
8.  Painted an accent wall in kitchen (that was a last minute, "I'm feeling motivated" project that I started at 2pm!
Before...with paint tape


A couple people have mentioned painting the left and right walls as well.  Thoughts?
9.  Made dinner
10.  Got kids ready for bed and put them to bed at 6:45
I was on the couch by 7 pm to get my computer "to do list" done!!!
I'm beat!  Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!!!! 


the gerbdrians said...

love the paint! don't do the other walls. looks perfect as is - very scandinavian. all you need is one of those red painted horses on the wall now.

Meinhardt Family said...

Dang, you accomplished a ton!!! Nice work. Now CHILL THE F OUT!!! :) I love the accent wall. Not sure about painting all sides. It looks super cute as is, but I think all sides would be nice as well.