Wednesday, January 04, 2012


2012 has already proven to be a year of change!  Hmmm...where do I start?  
Miss Mabel hates wearing diapers and asks to wear underwear instead.  I'm reluctantly going with it and I let her wear underwear around the house and short trips in the car if she's gone pee before we leave.  She has made it to Oma and Opa's house in underwear and has a much bigger bladder then her sister.  She has done a few #2's and tons of #1's on the potty and wears pull ups .  So, I guess I can say that we're POTTY TRAINING my baby!  Where has the time gone?!!?
Look how big she is.  Not a great picture but I like it. Almost 1/2 of me :(
On to Amelia's milestone....NO MORE NAPS!  I am pulling her naps.  I'm doing this for a couple of reasons;
1.  She still asks to nap but when she does, she will stay awake reading/playing in her bed until 9pm sometimes.  That's fine because she doesn't bother us but then she's up earlier because she's not as tired because she's napped the day before.  But then she's asking for a nap because she was up early.  Terrible cycle.  So...with the cousins here and distracting her, we've pulled them.  She may nap every once in a while but for now, QUIET time it is.
2.  I want to get the pack n play out of J's room and that's where Mabel is napping now instead of her bed because Amelia naps in that room.
On a side note....Amelia is LOVING gymnastics and every coach she has comments on how strong she is, how coordinated she is and how well she listens.  I've even watched and I've noticed that when the coach gives her something to do while she's working with the other girls, Amelia always does it EXACTLY how she was told.  They have mats with hand/feet outlines on them and if Amelia is supposed to put her feet on the "feet" mat, she lines them up perfectly.  It's pretty funny!  Here she is two heads smaller than everyone else!

Jeremy's milestone came out of the blue.  Ryan decided we were going to take his training wheels off.  He took them off, we took J and the girls to LMU for wide open spaces of grass to start and Ryan pushed him and off he went.  I mean, seriously, he just kept going.  AMAZING!  This was about 10 minutes after we got there!

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Meinhardt Family said...

Lots of milestones in your house! Amelia looks so tiny in that pic next to those girls. I can't believe you basically have all kids out of diapers. I'm jealous. I'm afraid it will be awhile for us (with nellie's condition...we can't do that yet). Bummer! I like the picture of all the kids on the bed. They are all growing up so much. I can't believe big! She looks like a mini super model with those lips! :)