Sunday, January 29, 2012

Aloha!!! Maui Family Trip 2012

Well, we made it here!  A classic meeting at the airport had heads turning but in typical "Little" fashion, we could care less.  We love all these nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles and we wanted to hug every one of them.  
The plane ride went great.  It was musical seats, trading games, toys, coloring books, one spilled OJ on J's lap, one short nap for Benny and Mabel, two bags of trash, one scared Cece on take off and landing and we arrived with "we're in Hawaii"!!!!!!
Here is our mode of transportation....yup, a 15 passenger van that still doesn't fit all of us.  

A blurry picture but we're the group that keeps on going and going.

Ah, but it was all worth it!!!!

Checking things out.  The kids were spread out and going every which way within seconds.  I think half of the adults got the welcome drinks and the other half were chasing kids down the stairs, across the bridge and around the lobby.  My kids found this.

and a fish pond!

J taking it all in

We spent the day by the pool (which was chaotic at first with kids going all over the place) but eventually all settled down and the little ones hung out in the kiddie pool, J went down the water slide at least 30 times, we ordered lunch, about 30 beers and then headed to the beach.  Unreal!  No pics because I was trying to make my kids didnt drown but I'll d better today!
Dinner, a beautiful sunset and then bed!

It's now 5:30am on day #2 and the kids have been up since 4 am!  Gotta love the time change!  Off to make some breakfast in our little kitchen and wait for the sun to come up to start the day!

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