Friday, January 06, 2012


We went over to Auntie Louise's yesterday afternoon and about 1/2 way into our play date, she whips out this toy called The Bubble Thing!!!  Don't ask, just get it!  It's the coolest toy ever!!!!  You mix a big old bucket of dish soap, water, baking soda and corn starch (it seems like a lot but it took minutes or you can buy a mix online but it's $11) and dip the bubble wand in and follow some simple instructions and boom, you have the biggest bubbles EVER!!!

So Louise and I were following the instructions...move the rope together, dip, slowly open rope and then move against the wind.  Louise was getting some huge bubbles but couldn't close it off to save her life.  The kids loved it and even J did a good job getting huge bubbles.  We took a break to let the kids have their turn and next thing we know, Emily is creating the biggest bubbles and cutting them off so they flew into the air.  No strategy, no instructions, just dipped and walked around.

 Even Mabel got in on the action...briefly.  How cool is this bubble Jbird got going!

Here is Louise's biggest bubble and we didn't photo Emily's bubbles.  It was so fun...Louise and I wanted to do it all day!!!

Oh, and your kids smell good afterwards because of the dish soap.  Now, put your computer away (or don't if you want to get it online) and go get it!!!!  The best!

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the gerbdrians said...

very cool bubbles.
Re: sucking on a blanket vs. thumb - was that when Mabel was older? That would scare me now (SIDS). Leo's thumb-sucking is pretty great (he only sucks his thumb to go to sleep) - I am hoping Mac takes after his brother (only in this respect :).