Saturday, February 04, 2012

Maui Family Trip Days 4, 5 & 6

Have I told you this kid loves Hawaii?!!?

So does mom!!!!! :)  Body surfing!

This toddler also LOVES it here!!  She is really enjoying the beach!  She doesn't mind getting dirty!

Exhibit A
 This is how she gets dirty!  Her and Benny are classic!

 Playing hide and seek in a hole!

Opa and 1/2 of his grandkids!

An attempt at a family picture!  The kids weren't having it!

But, after a little water mishap...

We got a great group shot!

And a "Little" family shot!
We joke when people ask us about our group and we say, "the blondes are related and everyone else married in"

Off to our whale watching adventure!  We left Mabel, Amelia, Teddy, Oma and Courtney behind since they tend to get sea sick and it was a windy day!
The "young" old married couple!

4 whales if you can see them (puff of white is from one of the blow holes)

This was totally cool.  A newborn and it's mom!  As the guide said, the mom is always near the baby (no shit) and the newborns are spastic.  It breeched a bunch of times as we watched them swim by.   Baby is the little (1 ton) out of the water and the mommy's hump is next to it!

Tail going under!

The boys

After a nice dinner out last night, Dave decided to walk home along the beach.  BAD idea!  He stubbed his toe on a lava rock, shattered the tip of his middle toe and needed 15 stitches.  They had to sew the tip back on.  Poor guy!

The Meinhardt and Rimando cousins!

We are still doing mornings at the beach and afternoons by the pool.  Amelia prefers the pool (she says she doesn't like to be sandy) and Mabel prefers the beach!  J loves both!  Mabel got a fever and a good cough so she's been up earlier and wants to nap earlier but a trooper through and through.

Miss Amelia has discovered (or finally allowed me to put on) arm floaties and loves to be in the water.  We discovered that today....we leave tomorrow :(  We were going to go out to dinner with the kids on our last night but we decided that ordering pizza, watching the sunset and letting the kids run around with each other would be better!

Tomorrow we're taking the kids to get some souvenirs and then hit up the pool for a few hours before we leave for the airport :(  It's been an amazing trip and we're planning the next one!!!!


Jess and Jon said...

Oh my gosh.... looks AMAZING!!! Can't wait to hear all about it. When did Nick get there?!?! Poor Dave with the toe. Such cute pics. love you!

...all of us said...

Wonderful story telling a great pictures as usual.
Glad all is well with the fam.

the gerbdrians said...

Action packed! So glad you all had lots of fun (terrible about Dave's toe - but maybe it was relaxing sitting around, watching sunsets, and drinking?)