Monday, February 27, 2012

Rough week

Well, the stomach bug visited this week and visited with a vengeance.
All 5 of us were hit so it made for a VERY long week!
Ryan and Mabel were taken down last Sunday night so they were out of commission on Monday.  Mabel's version was pretty light so I'm hoping she is now immune and will not relapse :)

Jeremy was hit Thursday night so he stayed home from school on Friday with Mabel and me.

Mommy came down with it Saturday night and Amelia Sunday morning!  Ugh!  

We're all feeling better now, just in time for mommy and daddy's trip to NYC!  Ryan is going for work so I am tagging along for the weekend.  Stay healthy kids.


...all of us said...

Ugh! Glad they are better so you don't have to worry on your trip!
Have fun in NYC!!!

the gerbdrians said...

That is the WORST!
That is why I am (still) scared that I have 3 children.
Triple virus threat.