Wednesday, February 08, 2012


The Picketts were in town while we were in Hawaii but we were able to get a last minute play date.  The kids were SO excited to see each other, especially these two boys!!!  Makes me sad.

Tante (Aunt) Patty was also in town while we were gone but we got to see her and my cousin Patrick who lives in Santa Monica!  He and his wife Carrie have a 1 year old daughter Addison, my 2nd cousin.  Yes, I have a cousin who lives in LA but he's an independent soul so we don't see him that often! :(

Addison was so friendly and wanted to hug everyone ALL the time.  Especially Jeremy!  He was SO sweet with her!

Wish we all lived closer and could hang out all the time!  Until next time....

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West Coast Markarians said...

You are a blogging fool! No wonder you get so impatient with my twice monthly updates :). Love the Hawaii pics! And nice work on the kitchen. I can't wait to check it out!