Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Missouri Trip

Well, a part of the trip!  We've been here for 4 days, visited St. Louis, done a lot of swimming, applied LOTS of sunblock and stayed inside when we're not in water because it's SO hot!  I will update St. Louis pictures when we get home because they're on my phone! 

We went to dinner with the Meinhardt side and we got some adorable pictures!  Here they are!  Thanks Auntie Megan.
Amelia doesn't look happy but that is her new "cheese" face!  Cute isn't it?

The Meinhardt side. Left to right; me, Uncle Bob, Ryan, Uncle Jeremy, Uncle Kevin, Aunt Cindy is sitting with kids, Cousin Shawn, 2nd cousin Ava, cousin Molly and Auntie Megan.


Jess and Jon said...

Cutest pic's EVER! That last one of the 4 of you is too cute. I can't wait to hear about it

the gerbdrians said...

What a cute family. You can tell they're all related! Looks like you had a blast. Isn't the midwest HOT?!?