Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Witch

So my mom threatened to call the old lady, some people use Santa and my life has changed due to the WITCH that Auntie Megan thought of.  It started as a fun game but the kids were scared of her voice and what she said and now it works like a charm to keep Amelia in line.  For those of you who know little miss Amelia, this is VERY helpful.  It has changed my life!  Thank you Megan!  Here is the super scary witch who will call if you're bad and may even visit you if you're really bad!  Isn't she scary :)

The best part is that Amelia is scared to death but she wants the witch to take Jeremy sometimes.  He was being a stinker last night so I told him the witch was going to take him to her house to spend the night and the funniest little smile spread across Amelia's face.  She said, "yeah, I want him to go"!  Ah, sibling love!


Meinhardt Family said...

Your welcome!!! Let them know the witch is WATCHING THEM!!!...but also that she loves them dearly and misses them like crazy.

the gerbdrians said...

This reminds me of a Latin American folk figure called La Llorona (a witch who steals children from their parents). It must be a very handy cross-cultural tactic with children.